Light - Spatial Sensation

Fascinated by ideas behind collapsible design I cut into a 2d surface with a pattern that deconstructed the plane in a way which allowed a 3d form to emerge by submitting it to the gravitational or tensional pull. I used Rhino modelling and laser-cutting to make these forms out of plexiglass hoping the material would reflect and play with light. Bending the stain­less-steel rods by hand I incorporated a craft like aspect to the hybrid object.

The next step explored colour, light and sculptural space. A projection of coloured light transformed the ob­ject into a sensory spatial experience for the viewer and extended the in­teraction of the form with the space around it due to projected shadows and reflected light. Equally the sur­rounding space was reflected within the transparent forms. By choosing the scale of the human body I hint­ed at an interaction between the viewer and the installation. The mo­bile starts to move when a person is in motion around it.