Batman's Bereavement

In this project I was especially interested in the ways in which narration can be presented within one frame. My research lead me to the term "pregnant moment", which means that the frame shows a scene that holds the most of narrative potential from the story. I wanted to push that definition and I experimented with the concept of showing action over time, which lead me to experiment with long exposure photography.

In the end, I re-created the scene of murder of Batman's parents, and the method of presenting the narration was to make it not so derivative take on the subject, which has been recreated many times.

I tried to go beyond the limitation of the single frame, by making it big enough, to chance the power dynamic of the viewer and the piece. In that way, I am introducing movement not only though the illusion of overlapping limbs, but I am also putting the viewer in motion, if he/she wishes to see the scene. 

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