Double headpiece - an exploration of Camp sensibility

This papier-mâché headpiece is my response to the theme of Camp I researched for my personal investigation; I became interested in the concept after reading Susan Sonntag's 'Notes on "Camp"'. Intended to be worn by two people, it presumes awareness of another person’s actions, creating a different relation to space; this awareness of the other also contributes to the performative character of this work, since it will impact your own relation to space at that specific moment. Being wearable, the headpiece comments on the performative nature of the very act of putting on clothes. My use of papier-mâché was inspired by Claes Oldenburg and it also suits my theme because it is a common material for theatre props. The exaggeration and theatricality inherent to Camp were translated into the visual features of the headpiece, while the sweet pastel colour palette creates a more playful dimension. 

double headpiece2
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