Exploring Pattern

I wanted to explore visual characteristics such as the relationship between textures and colours and visual tools of pattern through the medium of weaving. Having made a wall weaving focusing on colour interplay, pattern, and overall decorativity, I decided to push this aspect of pattern further by creating 3d renditions of spaces where the presence of pattern would be almost overwhelming. I did so by creating samples of pattern extracted from the weaving I made before and creating spaces via Photoshop manipulations. Interestingly, the spaces are distinguishable as such thanks to the visual changes in pattern created by perspective, as well as to the lines and angles created when a couple of patterned planes come together. This exploration was inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s trademark use of heavy polka dot patterning in her installations. 

pattern room 1
New Project-305
pattern room 2
image1 (2)
pattern room 3
pattern weaving