Senses Collection 

Observing felt made me realise I am fascinated by its sensual experience; its smell,its texture, how it looks through the light. This is why after making my own felt using wet method I choose to manipulate the fabric being inspired by microorganisms; bacteria and viruses. I began to see multiplication of circular shapes, so I dedicated my collection of designs to variations of these crater-like forms. I also experimented with different wools that create felt; incorporating cotton balls, silk, silk chiffon and lace into the felt.

Tactile Token to Carry

Organic, ritualistic, almost primordial process of making the felt as well as its aesthetic, decorative form is combined in this work with the practical nature of a ‘bag’. Contrast between what we carry there- symbols of 21st century modern life and pensive nature of the textile creates a tension of aesthetic of culture and generations as well as decoration and utility.​

Felt 6
Felt 1
Ozywienie _Zofia_Szewczyk_1
Felt 4