Maps of Motion

Captivated by the movement of a washing machine I set out to analyse its mechanism by dividing it into component parts and recording the movement of each part in the form of a line drawing. By multiplying these lines I created a wire-frame of a potential three-dimen­sional form. Interested in finding a way to translate the machine’s movements into a physical space I’ve cut through the form and divided it into pieces and

reimagined them as an obstacle course. I arrived at a design for a physical space in which movement was equally orchestrated as in my initial inspiration.

Exploring further the possibilities of draw­ing as a tool for stimulating unexpected thinking rather than a tool for truthful de­piction I set out to analyse the way that swimmers and volleyball players move in their respective disciplines. After translating their movement into wireframes I imagined them as solids. Each translation was re­corded through drawing and served as an inspiration for a map of an imagined island with possible movement and transportation paths within it.