ArchiNature – social intervention and environment

The need for a sustainable architecture and the attention paid to architecture’s relationship to the environment manifests itself not only in more energy efficient buildings but also in the design of features that create possible interactions between people and nature. However such features may end up disregard­ed by the general users. I have taken my school complex as an architectural site of interest with intent to re-establish a connection between my peers and the somehow deserted outdoor courtyard area including the rooftop and the stairs leading to it. The form of my design emerged out of experimentation with plaster reinforced fabric which was itself inspired by metaphorical thinking about interaction and reaction. My installation crawled up the stairs, connect­ing courtyard with the rooftop. It provided an occasion to look more closely at the outside of the building and the way it ages. Perhaps reminding us that environmentally conscious architecture is not only about the design process or a feature, but about the whole life of the building.