Let's Share

The point constituting the beginning of creation is the generally available natural principle concerning community which is also formed by trees. The fact that trees communicate is well known, their sharing 'emotions', an early warning and coping system and mutual assistance. Most of these processes occur thanks to the extremely close cooperation between the tree and the mycelium that fills the spaces between their roots. This mycelium construction reinforces the efficiency of the above-mentioned processes and is also one of the most interesting phenomena biological, even due to the fact that the mycelium is the largest living organism. The selflessness of this cooperation and the help that follows it appear as key determinants of humanism. Infinity, reciprocity and unlimited access- an eternally living source of food, good and community. My project is based on the fact that trees share with each other just as people do. They do this by using mycelium, which is located underground, through this they create a bond between single trees. This phenomenon creates the biggest living organism in the world. The idea of sharing I compared to the psychological concept of eating with others and the feelings that come with it.