21 Trash Cans from Pola Mokotowskie

photo installation
digital print

“21 Trash Cans from Pola Mokotowskie” is a photographic documentation of my local park that attempts to question what determines the identity of the place: its infrastructure and natural environment or the visitors themselves? Photographing the insides of concrete trash cans enabled me to achieve a sense of universality. Majority of Polish city parks feature similar model of a trash can, thus making the location specific project also
understandable for people outside of my neighbourhood. Bernd and Hilda Becher as well as Ed Ruscha were the key references for this project. Inspired by them I arranged the photographs into a typology, thus giving order and structure to otherwise chaotic trash. The image was printed on large format paper, making the scale of each of the photographs similar to the actual size of the trash can. As a result the discarded matter is elevated to the status of an art object.