The Palace

"The Palace" aimed to explore a closed community in strictly defined material-object frames. I was examining a group of cleaners and guards at the Palace of Culture and Science  in Warsaw. The choice of these two groups was not accidental. They have been selected because of the activity of their tasks focused around the materials from which the Palace itself is built. Cleaners care for the cleanliness of materials such as floors, stairs, handrails, rooms, etc., while guards look after them. What was important to me were the two types of relationship I could observe. These were human - human relations and human - material relations. 

An extremely important thread that was diagnosed was a sense of the bond between people, which was probably related to familiarity and a sense of attachment to the objects, materials they deal with. The choice of this medium was dictated by the awareness of the variability, activity and

fluidity of these relationships as a function of time.